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Nieuw rock festival in Wallonië !!!....

Marche-en-Famenne - Carnava'rock festival - 04/03/2006.

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band presentation Shellcase Hello,

we are ready to rock your new festival !

please check us out and let me know,


SHELLCASE could easily be described as a 'modern-hi-energy-radio-ready-post-grunge-rock' band.
Namely they play crunchy guitar rock with grungy influences and unprecedented amounts of melody.
Though undeniably heavy-sounding, the band can also bring things down to a whisper and appear to have a good handle on all the dynamics in-between. Using hard-charging rhythms, sharp hooks, soaring vocals and heartfelt lyrics, they have the perfect recipe for a good concert experience...
Some say DAVE VARLET is obstinate, but for SHELLCASE's singer, guitarist and songwriter, there is no other modus operandi for his craft. With total dedication, VARLET and his bandmates, drummer FILIP VINCK and bass-player Fred VEKEMANS don't want to do anything but rock! For them, writing, recording, and touring go beyond overused terms like ‘passion’ and ‘commitment’ and are, in fact, their reasons for being. They have a lot to say and a lot to play. “We were just three individuals, who eventually had to come together one day. Nobody's singled out as the superstar or 'This guy' or 'That guy.' It's about a unity, a brotherhood, and about sharing what we've all been through and being able to take it to the stage. That’s what playing rock is all about, right? When we got in a room together, it was extremely powerful and extremely passionate. And when we did that on stage, we just became this... machine. We became the band we always wanted to be.”
Now Shellcase’s goal is to become the band people want to see, hear and feel, convincing soul-by-soul, gig-by-gig...


1. Crash Landing
2. Fucked up
3. Forgive Me
4. Paradiso Perduto
All songs written by Dave Varlet
Produced by Shellcase
Recorded & mixed by Wim Arys @Magnetic
Dave Varlet: vocals, guitars & bass
Filip Vinck: drums
Artwork & logo design by Dave Varlet

"I listened to your stuff a couple of weeks ago and liked it. The music was well arranged.
It was played straightforward and tastefully. The quality of the recording was fine for me to listen to.
Keep me in the loop as far as your development goes.
- Academy Award Winning Producer for "I've had the time of my life" & "Hungry Eyes" from 'Dirty Dancing'
- Dream Theater's "Images and Words" and 'Change of Seasons" for Atco/East West.
- Firehouse's 1st and 2nd records on Sony/Epic.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Kind regards,
Salutation cordiales

Cari saluti



Fred Vekemans
Stad Antwerpen | CS/BIB-Kotter
Straatsburgdok/Noordkaai 29 | 2030 Antwerpen
cellphone: +32478/90.21.90




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Too Tangled


Vous cherchez encore des goupes?
Too Tangled est un duo de indie-garage-rock...leurs premier disque va arriver...Les reactions sont déjà superr
'Le Next Big Thing' selon ce qu'on dit

Tom C

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